Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Baby

This little monkey was very excited to perform for us. He was all over the place- he covered his face when it was time for a face shot, his peeper when it was time for a pic of that (though he did show us that he is for sure a "he") and made the tech laugh by winding up before he punched me. Jence got to come see the "baby movie" and everyone in the office was excited to see how much he and his brother already look alike.

Haven't you seen that profile before?

So there he is- already a cool dude- thumbs up.


Laura Jansson said...

Congratulations on baby boy #2!!! :)

Jen Hamner said...

I KNOW THAT LITTLE FACE! That is crazy how much they look alike! I am sure he will follow in his brother's footsteps proudly!

gma chrissie said...

Looks so crowded in there...he's going to be as big as his brother. Maybe bigger?
All of Cleveland is so happy and excited that Jence gets a little brother. I was cleaning the toilet this a.m. thinking about it.......hehehe! What an exciting life these two will have with each other and such amazing parents!

gma chrissie said...

Whoa! Just flipped back over to the blog and had an incredible experience. Look at Duke's face shot and then look at the Laughing Jence in the header of the blog. Whooooaaa! They're twins just a few years apart!

Laura said...

Congrats!!! We're hoping for a girl this time...I'll hopefully find out on Monday if they decided to an ultrasound :-)