Monday, July 12, 2010

Savannah and the 4th of July

We hit Savanah for the fourth, and had tons of fun. We started by going to the famous Mrs. Wilkes' Restaurant and thoroughly stuffing ourselves. Here are Jence and Bella waiting in line. I was very impressed how well they both did considering we waited about and hour and a half (I think- it didn't seem that long to me because Jence was so good and Paula and I found a place to sit...)
Waiting and playing. This was a private residence, but they're just kids, right?

After lunch we walked downtown to get some candy and found horses to pet along the way.
And he really did pet them- it just looks like he is being forced in the picture.

Izzy (Jensen calls her Bella, but she is still Izzy in my head) loves the trains here, but until this time Jence hasn't ever noticed them- and he was thilled! See how he's only kind of looking at me for the picture...

After candy we played in the water. I didn't want him to be wet for the ride back so I just stripped him down- very chill of me, yes, I know.

The funny part was that he wouldn't get near the water, he just ran around near it laughing and having a grand old time. Whatever floats your boat!

They look like they are angry here for some reason but they were having a ball, laughing, talking about all sorts of stuff we couldn't understand, "it's my perfection!" huh?

They did so well together the whole weekend, I was hugely impressed. Al and I are pretty sure it's because Bella was a good sharer. Though apparently at this particular moment Jence didn't want a hug...

Kissin' momma.

Jence, Will (who is so old!), Kiki and Fox, all relaxing in the living room.

Later we took an evening trip down to the beach. I was all set to do the beach up right- like, even planning on getting my hair wet and sitting in sand. But when we got there it was so windy there was really no way to enjoy ourselves, so the kids built a few "sand castles", Al and Phil tried to fly a kite, I took a few pictures with my point and shoot (about which Alex always complains, because I take nice pictures of everyone else's families, but I whip out the little one for my own...). Note Jence's hair here.

Fending off the kite tails while prepping a sand castle.

Al untangling himself.

Izz and me going down to get some water. (Which felt soo good, I felt bad that we couldn't really play!)

Al caught me and my belly looking down the beach.

My favorite picture of the trip. What a monkey.

And the ritual smashing of the castles prior to leaving.
Now, at this point my post should go on with pictures of our two fun July 4th evenings and aaaall the cuteness that went on. Including the most adorable video of fireworks featuring Jensen's voice muffled because his face was buried in my chest in order to not see the display- talking about all the different animals and other friends that were or were not afraid of the fireworks.
After that I would have put up such cute pictures of our next beach trip that was way more successful, followed by a post of my trip to Cancun to do a photoshoot.
But no one will ever see any of that because my little point and shoot that bothered Alex so bad was stolen from my checked baggage somewhere between Cancun and Atlanta.
I am still in mourning.


matt, camee, tyty and kaylee said...

I'm so sorry about your camera :( but i love the pics! and your cute little belly, i didn't even realize you were pregnant!! congrats!! so happy for you guys!! Did I mention i miss you?? :) LOVE YOU!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

gma chrissie said...

So Lizzie and I were sitting in church this am and went to the blog to get the PixelInk URL. That's when we saw there are new pics! So I don't remember what happened in the meeting after that cuz we were looking at everybody's belly shots....except Alex's of course cuz he's the only one in the fam right now w/o a protruding tummy. And I love the one with the monkey and the mama. You're both so beautiful! Miss you guys. I was listening to my phone msgs of Jence's voice over the past months, just to get a fix...