Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jensen's 3rd Birthday

We had a cowboy party for Jence's big #3. We only had 3 little guys to invite over- which I first thought was kind of sad, but quickly realized and took credit for my genius! It was so fun- and didn't get out of control. I made hobby horses for them and they had fun galloping around the living room... we did wait till we were outside to fill the squirt guns...

We let them all choose which horse they wanted. They are still too young to fight over colors- thank heavens.Becoming a cowboy

Jensen's classic one eye aim. I don't know how he picked it up.

I think he's so cute.

This is a pistol fight- and Jence is in the middle of falling down dead.

He's not so interested in cheesing anymore. He was busy describing the race car- and waiting for me to say, "yeeeeaahh!"

We took it the party outside where we stuck the slide in the pool.

They were hysterical- kept crashing into each other and laaaaughing.

Jence as usual was obsessed with getting the cake out.

Listening to Happy Birthday.

We decided that everyone should get there own candle- easier.

Frosting faces.

This is my favorite. Notice there are four cupcakes. If you would please recall which was Jensen's... He came back and finished it off a few seconds after I took this picture.

Daddy saved the new swords for when there were only two left. Tristan had very nice fencing form- one handed jabs. Jensen went at the poor kid holding the sword like a battle axe...

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Heather said...

Happy birthday Jensen! What a fun party!