Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium and had a fabulous time. The boys behaved very well (Jence only fell apart at the very end), and we had a pleasant surprise when the military discount took the price from $17 down to $4!

We got to touch the sea rays. I'm not sure if the boys saw the rays, but they really liked the water.
Brittany showed Tristan the fishies.

After Tristan enjoyed the fishies so much I thought Jence would like to see them closer, but he just kept kissing me, until I realized that "look at the fishies" sounds a lot like, "Give me kisses"

Sittin' and chillin' with the fishes.

Trying not to smile in the face of the camera during a fit.

Jensen watching the camera even while touching a strange creature- me intently watching that it doesn't freak out and do something weird in my hand...

This iguana couldn't get enough of Jensen...

You should have seen the temper tantrum that replaced this smile when the sword had to go back to it's scabbard....
Tristan enjoys the challenge of climbing over things- and people.

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