Monday, February 25, 2008

The Boardwalk

We went to the Boardwalk and got to ride some fun rides. Here we are on our ostrich on the Carosel.

And the little Pirate ship

The Zebra

Our little biker boys. This is for their daddies, the origional biker boys. (They just sat on it- we were nervous about the lack of restraint- they are wiggle worms.)

The teacups were puzzleing...aparently.

This is Jence trying to stay upright during the teacups. It was one wild ride!

Captain Jence Sparrow

The group in front of Senor Frog's. Jensen loves his momma-he's holdin' my hand.

One more tantrum that the camera ended.

He won't sit back in his stroller as we stroll...

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Dakota said...

hi its Dakota. Jensen is getting so big. We miss you.