Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The End

The boys got matching Myrtle Beach t-shirts and we went down to the beach for a photo shoot- unfortunately we chose the wrong day and almost got blown away...

Jence is not a fan of wind.

So we went swimming inside instead.
Emptying Mom's bag.
Brittany got a bit excited about planning the boys' first birthday parties- we decided to experiment with the cake- (it's supposed to look like that)

The boys wanted to help us out by eating it.

And then we had to say good-bye. We left with plans to get back together and have more fun times!
I also realize in this picture how strong genetics are- look at my child!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Boardwalk

We went to the Boardwalk and got to ride some fun rides. Here we are on our ostrich on the Carosel.

And the little Pirate ship

The Zebra

Our little biker boys. This is for their daddies, the origional biker boys. (They just sat on it- we were nervous about the lack of restraint- they are wiggle worms.)

The teacups were puzzleing...aparently.

This is Jence trying to stay upright during the teacups. It was one wild ride!

Captain Jence Sparrow

The group in front of Senor Frog's. Jensen loves his momma-he's holdin' my hand.

One more tantrum that the camera ended.

He won't sit back in his stroller as we stroll...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Fun Outtings

We went to Ripley's Believe It or Not- very strange... This is an American Flag quilt made of 7000 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons a couple won at State Fairs over thirty years.

We went for a corn dog after the museum- I was excited, I love corn dogs, but then I couldn't taste it because I had such a bad cold. (I'm getting better.) Jence was tired of his stroller, but he seemed just fine sitting by me the whole meal- which wasn't long considering it was just a corn dog...

Like Kiki he seems to enjoy the stick. (Kiki waits and watches while you eat a popsicle wanting the stick.)

Behold, Jensen's new favorite pastime-much to my dismay. He likes to stand there (though he can't get up there himself- he just yells at me to put him there) and then moves to the left, until he forgets to hold on and falls on his head and holds it against me for the next ten minutes.

Today we took the boys miniature golfing at Mt Atlantis. We had a great time and the boys were so good- I think that they were amazed at having found Atlantis.

Jence with his very own golf ball.
The boys observed my mad golfing skills.

Brittany retrieving her ball from the stream, which we both had to do...twice.

Look at that mug.

Jence helps me go for a hole in one.

The boys, chillin' on the green and eatin' their golf balls.

Jensen wasn't sure if he wanted relinquish his ball to the hole.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium and had a fabulous time. The boys behaved very well (Jence only fell apart at the very end), and we had a pleasant surprise when the military discount took the price from $17 down to $4!

We got to touch the sea rays. I'm not sure if the boys saw the rays, but they really liked the water.
Brittany showed Tristan the fishies.

After Tristan enjoyed the fishies so much I thought Jence would like to see them closer, but he just kept kissing me, until I realized that "look at the fishies" sounds a lot like, "Give me kisses"

Sittin' and chillin' with the fishes.

Trying not to smile in the face of the camera during a fit.

Jensen watching the camera even while touching a strange creature- me intently watching that it doesn't freak out and do something weird in my hand...

This iguana couldn't get enough of Jensen...

You should have seen the temper tantrum that replaced this smile when the sword had to go back to it's scabbard....
Tristan enjoys the challenge of climbing over things- and people.