Saturday, October 31, 2009


Since Brittany and I went to Disneyland last February we've been planning on having a Peter Pan and Captain Hook of our own this Halloween.

And with Miss Kik as Tinkerbell. And of course it started raining as we walked out the door.

This is the first year I've made Jensen's costume for him. I had so much fun making it. And he was so cute!
Pit stop...
Pit stop from the pit stop- Whoah- that's a truck!

They were so cute knocking on doors all by themselves!

See his hook? Hehe!
Half way through the trip Jence no longer wanted to walk- which was fine with me, because he was never that cuddly and never wants to be held, but when I picked him up he squeezed my neck and said "hold on tight!"

When we finished our short and wet run of a mostly empty neighborhood we came home to share our spoils.
We made dessert (which was wonderful) and played while we "watched" some football game.

Jensen has always had a thing for Brittany.

And we ended the evening in a rousing game of horsey with Daniel.

One of the rougher games of horsey I've witnessed... poor Daniel.


Jess and Tone said...

oh noooo i LOVE that pair!! ugh, how freaking ADORABLE can they get? little T and his peter pan hat. TOOOO cuuuttee!! i cant get over it. sara you are so freaking talented. TEACH ME!! and i looved tink! awww i wish i was there.

.:kerrie:. said...

of course you would go trick or treating in pearls. pearls i tell ya!