Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Morning on the Farm

This morning we went to a local farm that is hosting some harvest fun-ness. Today was our first cold day of the season. Hat and coats were required, but once dressed appropriately the the cold was entirely forgettable.

Jensen was impressed by his first turkey encounter. This one mooned him.

Bunnies! We love bunnies, don't we Aunt Kookie?!

The huge goats.

Here we have documented a huge developmental leap- Jensen reached through the bars and pet an animal-

And he liked it! He's always been a bit hesitant with animals. But look at that face!

And onto the pasture sheep. Apparently they like to eat acorns, which is convenient because behind Jensen were 200 oak trees. Jence actually let them eat out of his hand!

This was very exciting for all of us. It was so fun for us to see him enjoying himself doing kid stuff- like maybe we can start taking him to these kinds of places and having more fun than fights.

Here you can see more sheep in the field. There were lots of them. They did border collie demos and wrangled them up. It really was amazing.

The best part of the whole thing was the "corn box". They filled 4 huge feed pools with feed corn. And kids. The sign behind him says no throwing the corn. And I have about 50 pictures with corn flying through the air. He is being quite obstinate these days. Even after being evicted by mommy & threatened with permanent removal he still pushed his luck. And won. Which I suppose is the problem...

But he had so much fun.

And was so cute doing it.

You have to look at this one closely to see the hay maze induced excitement that has the hands flexing...

Jence actually followed Daddy all the way through the maze.

As a side note- Alex thinks that nobody goes to places like this. He was baffled when we drove up this little dirt driveway and were met by the parking lot. This is not the first time he has had this exact same suprise...and yet somehow it continues to be a surprise, not to mention a fight to convince him that going and doing things is a normal human activity...

There was a fun hayride, made all the more fun because it didn't start with Jensen screaming and kicking not wanting to get onto the truck. (He did have to get on by himself though...)
All in all this trip was very productive. Jensen seemed so much cooler with quite a few different experiences. An official success in our plans to make him a bit more adjusted to life...

In the pumpkin patch at the end of the hayride.

All of a sudden the crazy running stopped and he just looked at me until I took the picture... felt like camera freeze tag...

He found this silver Tacoma and pointed and yelled, "Kennedi's car, tha's Kennedi's car!" until he was satisfied with our "Yeeees, that's Kennedi's car."

Random kid.

The doves were our last stop. It was a great morning.


Andrea said...

Hey GIRL!! How the heck are ya!! I have been going through your blog for the last couple of days and you have such an exciting life!!! I even went all the way back to when you started! All your fun travels!! You have such a beautiful family!

I love your new header and blog look!! It's fantastic. I even looked at your photography blog, it's beautiful. You take such wonderful pictures! How exciting you are in the south too!!! It's fun being down here, the people are nice and the food is awesome!

I was so excited when you found me!! We defiantly need to keep in touch. I have thought about you and your family a lot through the years!! Who could forget the fun family that used to sit behind us in sacrament meetings!! LOL!!!

Jen Hamner said...

Funny story. I spotted the Taco in the first picture of the parking lot and said, "I wonder if Jensen noticed "Kennedi's car?" Aaaaand, he sure did! Kennedi loves looking at the blog ESPECIALLY when Kiki is in it! She loves Jensen but a picture of Kiki and Jensen, well, it is almost too much for this almost-two-year-old to handle! Love you!

Jess and Tone said...

::sigh:: what a great break from the monotony of my workday. even if i was having the best day in the world, these posts could only make it so much better. i LOVE the pictures and captions. just thought id let you know. and on that note, im going back to the last two posts to more appropriately comment on each picture, because i was in too much of a rush last time.
my favourite in this one is the acorn about to be snatched by the goat. his sara. and then the next one when his whole hand is in the goats mouth. HA!

Jess and Tone said...

oh. and hands freakin jence. hilarious. and his hat..sooo cuuutee! and your hat... SSOOOO gorgeous!!