Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Jen John and Kennedi stopped by to see us on their way to their new post in North Carolina. They arrived on my birthday. This is me blowing out the candles that we forgot to buy... but there was cake, so I didn't care much about candles.

The next day we went to a nursery that had a pumpkin maze and hayrides. Jensen wanted to play with the wagons...
And didn't want to leave it for a while.

This is Alex trying to get Jence to get up there for a picture.

This is seconds before he looked at me, smiled, and threw the pumpkin.

He didn't want to get on the hay wagon. Note the face.

But as we went along he got really excited in all the halloween decor.

All of us together on the hay wagon in front of the pumpkins.

He thought it was so funny that he could pick up the little ones, but after the almost splat he kept repeating our instructions, "too heavy", "hold tight!" "careful". He's my favorite.

Miss K and her wonderful mama. It was so fun to have her around again.

I adore this picture. They were excited to be together again as well.

So of course we got the mandatory kissy picture.

Al is so good with Jence. He makes sure that he sees all the fun things to be seen. This time it was a bug on a pumpkin.

And again, looking for a bug.

Daddy holding the monster truck while Jence played.

Playing pound the pumpkin...

And where there is a step there is a jump after jump after jump after jump after....

Miss K got up by herself which got Jensen up there too.

And so we had to try all of them...

Which is so funny because it was such an unsuccessful fight to get him up there in the first place.

And we ended the fun with a trip to Country's Barbeque for $3.99 night. The fun part for the kiddos was the rail outside...


Jen Hamner said...

Maybe I will just link everyone to your blog to see these cuties...who knows when I will have the time or desire to blog in the next few days! Miss you! It was so fun to hang out though and have the kiddos together!

Jess and Tone said...

ugh i LOVE this whole post!! i needed a giggle and this gave me ten minutes of them. i LOVE pumpkin patches. maybe ill talk tony into going to one this year.

gma chrissie said...

I agree with JJ--I giggled the first time but by the third time I went through the pics I was belly-laughing. I'm so grateful you're so diligent taking and posting the pics--they're such a treat! Jen, love Miss K's bows; you're becoming quite the master. The kissy pics are national treasures and will remain for years to come. Alex is ever-so-cool-y handsome in his solo portrait. I love the Ki-Ki water sequence, the pumpkin pics, the boat shots, the bug discovery, the mighty pilgrims, the hayride-togetherness pics, and the jumping scenes!! The tractor shots are darling (especially cuz I know how he is about Cars)and how could you pick out so many ingredients for the wreath before you lost the men?? They're beautiful! And all I can say to all this is you've got a little photo ham on your hands--the pic with Max in the previous sequence...darling....can I see more please?

Jess and Tone said...

i was coming back to say that al with the tractor OWW OWWWW! and funniest face when hes trying to get jence up in the face in a hole. i looove your shirt! and k and j's kissy and huggy pictures. i wish i could see them together.